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Why Riverdale is AMAZING

The CW show (you already know it’ll be good by it being a CW show) Riverdale is my new favorite show.

I finished the season in two days.  It wasn’t that hard, it has only thirteen episodes.

I just wrote about how awful another teen-audienced (Is that a thing? Well, it is now) show 13 Reasons Why.  This show also deals with a teenager’s death and it’s affect on people. It is definitely not the same vibe. I just drew a relation.  Other than that, though, there’s really no other similarity other than it dealing with high school teens in the present, but what *teen-audienced show doesn’t?

Furthermore, I love this show.  It seems like a show that only mystery/crime-loving teenage girl like me would love, but I got my sports and action-loving teenage boyfriend to watch it as well. I am currently working on getting my mom to watch it too. That’s how much I love this show.

Anyway, the show is based off of the characters in the Archie comics.  However, the characters in Riverdale reflect how current teenagers spend their time more than the twentieth century comics.


Archibald (Archie) Andrews is the protagonist, obviously.  He is a handsome, well-rounded, red-headed, teenage boy that every girl would fall in love with if they met him. Well, that’s basically what all of the girls do.  Luckily, he doesn’t always get the girl.

Personally, I didn’t really like him after a while, but I still think he’s super hot and should stay on as eye candy.  I just got bored of his story and waited around for the other characters’. Sometimes his character surprised me, but most of the time he’s just a pretty face.  Luckily, I’ve read rumors about season two where his character gets more depth.


Betty Cooper is the sweetest girl you will ever see, or so you think.  Her character is complex and so well written.  In the comics she’s just the sweet girl who never gets Archie’s attention even though she’s completely smitten.

Lili Reinhart does really well with this character. She’s not overtly sexy like some of the other characters, yet she’s undeniably pretty.  I like her a lot.  I stay liking her throughout the season.


Jughead Jones is my absolute favorite character of the show.  He is portrayed by Cole Sprouse, and I’m in love.  Think you can’t get over his silly boyish part in Suite Life of Zach and Cody? Well, just wait until you see him in grunge-y clothes and sexy black hair. It just works. Jughead is not like the comics other than his occasional S’s on his t-shirts and his crown-like gray hat.  In the comics he is basically Archie’s sidekick.  However, in Riverdale, Jughead becomes so much more.  He’s not characterized by his silly eating obsession or his hate of girls.  Oh no, Jughead Jones is the most complex character you can get without being confusing. This is a good thing, to be clear.  He has depth and personality.  He is very real.  I love him. So. Much.


Veronica Lodge is supposed to be disliked by everyone expect Archie, or at least that’s how I felt.  She is supposed to fight against Betty for Archie.  We kind of see that here, but I mean, I feel like we’re over fighting over boys. I mean, come on. Is he really worth it? Probably not.  Anyway, in Riverdale, Veronica has much more of a backstory than before.  Her daddy, is in jail for fraud and embezzlement. What a way to come in, am I right?

Anyway, Cami Mendes plays a steamy version of the spoiled girl.  In the very first episode we hear that she doesn’t want to be her old self anymore.  We like new Veronica way more.  She doesn’t take crap from anybody, and I love it. She’s me if I could get away with it and still look totally sexy while doing it.  Alas, not many people can pull that off.


Alright, so I don’t know if you’ve heard but in the newer releases of the Archie comics a new character was brought to light. His name is Kevin Keller.  He’s the first openly gay recurring character in a comic ever. So, here he is, fabulous as ever. He’s pretty spiffy if you ask me. He plays a somewhat important role in the plot, but I think he was just put in as a way to celebrate that he was in the comics.  But I’m all for a GBF.  This show is super straight most of the time but Kevin brings in some LGBT love.

Now for the people we love to hate:


Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale’s very own wicked witch.  We love to hate her and hate when we feel bad for her.  This best antagonists are not black and white.  I am confused and conflicted by her character and I love it! Cheryl Blossom, keep surprising us.


Everyone loves Ezra Fitz from PLL.  I mean, he’s sexy and sweet and you hate him and love him and he’s just agh! But Geraldine Grundy in Riverdale makes me type ferociously  on my keyboard. I despise her.  She’s gross and awful. I just can’t deal with her. I’m getting heated just thinking about her character.

Luckily, she brings some good to the story, kind of.  She gives Archie more depth.  I mean, how stupid can you be? I just don’t know.  I don’t want to give away anything. Let’s just say that we hate her and then the show throws a sad attempt for us to feel bad for her, but it just made me hate her more.  Maybe I’m biased.  She’s just awful.


I don’t feel that strongly about the rest of the characters. Well, I do but if I wrote about their full character it would give everything away.

So many of the original characters are mentioned, even the dogs Hotdog and Vegas are mentioned a few times.

In conclusion, this show is very good. I have already rewatched it twice, and I cannot wait until season two comes out. I’ll leave you with a few gifs of our sexy male main characters.




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5/28/17 Studying

Basically I’ll say how my day went because it had a lot to do with my trich.

So, I have finals next week and I’ve been doing plenty of studying for this long memorial day weekend.  This would usually be a time in which I would torture my scalp. But, I didn’t have any urges today, really.  I scratched and played but I stopped myself from pulling every time.  I felt good about it.

I got a bit done of course my ADHD kicked in and I couldn’t finish any one thing; I skipped around a lot.

Later, I got a bunch of packages of some toys to use to replace my pulling. There was a thing on buzzfeed (yes I know) about some products that you could get to help with trich, and I’m down to try anything at this point.  This one was a koosh bracelet that Buzzfeed said I could pull out the strands. Well, they came in today, and they’re just for sensory purposes.  They’re still fun, and I’ll probably use them sometimes, but they won’t always work when I need that satisfaction of a pull.

I don’t know exactly what people like about their pulling, for me, its the feeling of the follicle coming out.  It’s like a release of tension.  I don’t know, I don’t think I’m the only one.  There is a lot of art out there for trich with follicles. I also always have to pick them off if the follicle comes out with it.

Anyway, I did my spray again tonight.  I should probably do it more than once a day.  I think I’m going to do it once in the morning and once at night.  Again, I’ll keep you guys posted.

OH! If anyone would like to send in some of their trich experiences, please feel free to send them via my contact page! I’d love to hear what works for you and maybe, if you allow me to,  I can share them.  It’s very likely that someone else deals with similar things that you do.  Of course, I can always keep it confidential.  Alright, that’s it for tonight.

Also, I promise my blog is not going to be a diary.