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I am absolutely obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. That makes me sound awful because of the horrendous things that go on in these shows. However, I love when they take down the scum that walk the Earth. It’s so real! They don’t always win, and sometimes the bad guy gets away.  It’s how it works, but I get so into it! I am currently watching Season 17 Episode 8.  I can recite the beginning sequence.

Lieutenant Benson just didn’t see Noah (her adopted son) at the park. She had a freak out.  That’s basically what I’ve been doing with my baby sister and myself.  It probably is good for me.  I used to be independent to a fault.  You know? I probably thought that I was all high and mighty not thinking that I could have any harm done to me.  However, that’s totally not true.  I’ve now seen some of this stuff, experienced it. I am not immune, nobody is anymore.

Anyway, I love the show.  It’s addictive and just crazy.


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